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United Kingdom
Pony enthusiast, anime lover, gaming fanatic and all around dedicated nerd!
...Yeah, that pretty much sums me up ;p

I've been drawing pretty much my entire life, but its only the past few years that I've really found my niche. I adore the art style of MLP - it's simple, bright and with a little creativity can be used to create all sorts of amazing pieces. I find the range of artistic talent within the MLP community to be absolutely astounding, and I can only hope to leave my own tiny mark on this amazing fandom.
Something that has always fascinated me is light and shadow, and how it can be used to add depth and mood in artwork. Bright neon glows, sparkling glimmers, warm radiance and deep, foreboding shadows. I love it all! I try to incorporate light and shadow into every piece I produce.

Though I do this purely as a hobby, I do offer commissions to anyone who is interested in getting a personalized picture. See below for availability :aww:

:iconnorequests: :iconcommissionsclosed: :icongiftsfriendsonly:
Hohoho, my beautiful pony people! :D

So, we're coming towards the end of another year and Christmas is just over the horizon - seriously, how is it only 3 weeks away? Looking back on this year, I find myself a little torn. On the one hand, this year saw me through my Pony Bedhead project which I believe was a great success! But on the other hand, I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't hit any of my other big ideas while I was at it. And I had some great ones lined up! Time just slipped through my fingers...
Oh well, there's always next year! :aww:

With that in mind, lets talk about next year, future projects and commissions.
I've had more than a few people asking about the second season of my Pony Petting series, as well as a few curious pokes regarding my return to Fallout Equestria. Well, I'm happy to announce that I plan to get back to both in the coming year! You know how this works with me - I won't give you any E.T.A.s because the second I do the universe does everything in its power to make a liar out of me, so let's just say soon.
Beyond that, I have a few other smaller projects I'd like to work on, a few single shot pictures that sparked my interest, as well as FINALLY trying my hand at a little anthro/humanized work.

Going beyond even that, I do also have a new idea for what could be a great series. And this one will heavily feature all of you! I call this project Battles of Equestria! (*cough* working title *cough*)
Those of you familiar with the concept of "Your Character Here" pictures will be familiar with what I'd like to do. I'll draw up a scene, and populate it with blank ponies, and for a small price (the price of just a single pony commission) you can have your character inserted into the scene over one of the blank ponies. My thinking behind this idea is that everyone can be part of a much larger project for a much smaller price.
But what do you all think? And please, do be vocal about this one, even if it's not something you'd be interested in. Throw down your thoughts in the comments section. This idea is in its infancy, and I'd just like to gauge the level of interest :D

Aside from these projects, naturally I'll be reopening commissions! I had hoped to clear my last batch of commissions in time to squeeze in a few more before Christmas, but with just 3 weeks left and no time off from work until the 24th, I'd realistically only be able to put out a single commission (and only if it was something reasonable). So rather than scramble to get a picture done before Christmas and compromise on quality, I'll simply make it a priority to open up commissions at the beginning of the new year.
I hope you all understand :aww:

Also, I'll be posting up the next batch of
*PonyEcho's Exclusive Limited Time Offers* in advance, so take a look below and see if you can get a discount on your next commission ;p

And finally, just in case I don't get a chance to make another post, I hope all of you have a wonderful Holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas or something else, know I love you all, and I look forward to bringing you more precious pastel coloured ponies in the new year!

Peace out,
~ PonyEcho


Check out my special offers and package deals below, and see if anything strikes your fancy for my next batch of commissions.
As always, OCs are welcome.
Please do not ask for any Private commissions.
All payments to be made via Paypal, please. I won't be taking on any Points commissions. I simply can't afford it. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
All prices displayed in GBP (Great British Pounds), so be mindful when checking prices.

*PonyEcho's Exclusive Limited Time Offers*

My Little Wastelander - 10% Off
Inspired by my on-going love affair with Fallout Equestria. Any Fallout themed commission will get a bonus discount of 10%

Pony-Com Project - 10% Off
What happens when hostile aliens come to Equestria?! Any X-Com themed commission will get a bonus discount of 10%

Five Nights At Pinkie's - 10% Off
Inspired by some of fantastic videos on Youtube that splice MLP and FNAF together. Any Five Nights At Freddy's themed commission will get a bonus discount of 10%

Final Fantasy Equestria - 10% Off
To Celebrate Final Fantasy 15 finally hitting stores after so long! Any Final Fantasy themed picture commission will get a bonus discount of 10%

Basic Artwork:

Pony (Earth, Pegasus, Unicorn), show quality - £3.50
+ £3.00 for each additional pony.
+ £1.00 for special clothes/equipment, per pony.

Alicorns - £4.50 per

Other species (dragon, griffin, cross-breeds, etc) - £6.00 per

- Partial (e.g. just the upper body) - £7.00 per
- Full Body - £10.00 per

Anthro & Humanized - <coming soon>


Transparent or plain colour - Free

Basic scenery (a tree/a pillow/etc) - £4

Detailed scenery (a full panoramic scene including dynamic lighting and shadow effects) - £15

EPIC scenery (enormous scenes with lots of detail, lighting and shadow, pending on size and content) - £20+

Special Package Deals:

Character Sheet - £15

- 1 full body pony picture
- Colour scheme chart
- Cutie mark vector with transparent background for easy use
- Up to 4 expression portraits
- Option of an additional pony picture with personal clothes/equipment/weapons/etc.

My Little Romance - £20 *save up to £3.50
- 2 ponies
- Clothes/equipment
- Detailed Scenery (see background section for details)

Dramatic Scene Deal - £28 *save up to £3.50
- Up to 4 ponies
- Clothes/equipment
- Detailed Scenery (see background section for details)

My Little Human Deal – £30 *save up to £3.50
- Up to 2 ponies
- Clothes/equipment
- 1 Partial or Full Body human
- Detailed Scenery (see background section for details)

Party Time Deal – £50 *save up to £5.50
- Up to 10 ponies!
- Clothes/equipment
- Detailed Scenery (see background section for details)

EPIC Scene Deal - £ to be agreed with artist beforehand pending on size and content and time commitment.
Gloriously large picture includes:
- Up to 20 ponies!!
- Epic Scenery (see background section for details)
Pawns ~ Commission by PonyEcho

Variation Deal - £4.00
Have a certain picture in mind but can't decide which ponies to include? Have two versions of your picture with different characters for a small additional fee. Limited to pictures containing 3 ponies or less.
Honest Love, Loyal Heart  AppleDash by PonyEcho Project Horizons: Warmth  GloryJack by PonyEcho

Acceptable Content:
I Will Accept –
# Violence and Gore – bruises, cuts, blood, injury, war, death (but nothing too hardcore or grotesque)
# Suggestive – risqué positions and poses
# Shipping – any pairing, romantic or implicitly sexual

:iconnorequests: :iconcommissionsclosed: :icongiftsfriendsonly:

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